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General/Preventive Care

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Comprehensive Examinations: Perhaps the most important part of any pet’s visit to the veterinarian is the comprehensive physical examination that takes place. This examination is extremely important for our pets because they cannot tell us what might be bothering them and they are masters at hiding pain and disease. Your trained veterinarian at Summer Creek Animal Clinic understands what is normal for dogs and cats and is able to detect any abnormalities during this part of your visit. We take great pride in ensuring your pet is evaluated thoroughly each visit and we will take the time you deserve to explain all our findings in detail as well as discuss what is needed to improve the quality and quantity of life for your furry friend.


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Pet nutrition is a hot topic these days and we are here to answer any questions you have as well as guide you in making the right choice for your individual pet. You will get endless opinions online and throughout every pet store in Fort Worth, but we promise to give you recommendations based on the most current research and science. There are currently many therapeutic diets that allow us to manage and even prevent a variety of diseases and conditions including obesity, bladder stones, arthritis, gum disease, heart disease, and even environmental skin allergies. When conditions can be managed or prevented via nutrition, we believe this is the best place to start and we are excited to talk to you about this option for your pet.

Puppies and Kittens

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Getting started off right for your new puppy or kitten can be an overwhelming thought but we are here to help you build a solid foundation that considers every aspect of your pet’s well-being. We are proud to offer the most comprehensive and thorough puppy and kitten visits in Fort Worth. We structure 3-4 visits for you and your pet to discuss any abnormal findings on their exam as well as thoroughly review a host of topics, such as behavior, to ensure you and your pet are able to get started on the right foot. The most common reason a pet is relinquished to the shelter is behavioral issues. Many of these behavioral issues can be prevented and we want to partner with you and your pet to foster a strong human-animal bond. We are proud to offer preventive care plans specifically for puppies and kittens that ensure the highest quality of care at an affordable price.

Adult Pet Care

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During your dog or cat’s adult years it is crucial to maintain regular veterinary care in order to ensure the best quality and quantity of life. There is an endless list of conditions and diseases that dogs and cats can acquire at any age. Regular care during their adult years gives us the ability to detect problems early and often times either cure or significantly slow down the progression of the disease. This means not only longer life for your beloved pet but also a more comfortable and happy life. For example, simply by ensuring proper nutrition for your pet and maintaining a lean body weight, your pet will feel better day to day and live an average two years longer. This is the power of good preventive care.

Senior Pet Care

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There is no doubt about it, pets are living longer than they ever have. This is due to improving medical care as well as care from dedicated pet owners like yourself. We pay close attention to mobility and joint comfort, oral health, thyroid disease, kidney disease, and so much more for your senior pet. We are proud to offer preventive care plans that focus on the specific needs of your senior pet in order to keep them as happy and healthy as possible.


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We are blessed to live in an age where very effective and very safe vaccinations are available for many infectious diseases your pet may come into contact with throughout their life. Vaccinations are extremely important because they can prevent diseases that could otherwise be deadly. Unfortunately, we still see pets on a regular basis that die from diseases that are completely preventable. We are here to help ensure that this does not happen to your beloved pet. We will take the time to discuss your pet’s specific lifestyle and we will only vaccinate as often as your pet needs.

Heartworm, Flea, and Tick Prevention

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Fort Worth is a hotbed for bugs and parasites. There are hundreds of heartworm positive reported cases in dogs and cats every month in Tarrant County, and even more cases that go unreported. We see fleas and ticks on dogs and cats all year round thanks to our relatively mild weather. Many people are unaware, but fleas and ticks transmit many diseases to both our pets and to people. This makes heartworm, flea, and tick prevention throughout the year absolutely crucial in order to ensure you and your pet are healthy and comfortable. We take extra care to ensure we carry only the best prevention and we have also created strategies to make it affordable to provide this important care for all of your pets. We are looking forward to talking to you more about this!

Parasite Prevention, Screening, and Treatment

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Intestinal parasites are very common in Fort Worth. Pets can become very ill from parasites such as giardia, hookworms, roundworms, coccidia, and many more. However, pets can also carry and shed parasites without any symptoms at all. This is very concerning not only for your pet and the other animals they come in contact with but most importantly because many of these parasites can cause issues with people. Therefore, we offer a thorough screening plan that includes the most sensitive techniques alongside regular dewormings.

Preventive Blood and Urine Screens

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Many people only think of blood and urine testing for pets that are sick. This is often crucial to find out what is going on with sick pets, however, the preventive benefits of regular annual blood and urine screening are tremendous. Our dogs and cats age 5-7 years for every one of ours. This means a lot of things can happen in their bodies in a very short period of time. Technology has allowed us to use more advanced screening tests to detect things like kidney and heart disease even earlier. All of this, along with ample research, supports at a minimum annual blood and urine screening for all pets to ensure the longest and best quality of life. All of our preventive care plans include annual lab testing that is specific to your pet’s age and needs.

Preventive Care Club

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We desire to partner with you in to provide your pet with the best quality and quantity of life possible. This is how our preventive care plans were created. They provide the highest quality of preventive care for your pet while allowing you to pay monthly throughout the year. Our preventive plans are loaded with additional VIP perks and benefits just for being a part of the club. We desire to do everything in our power to make preventive care for pets accessible to all of our clients. No pet gets left behind. Ask us about our preventive care club options today!

Pain Prevention and Management

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Chronic pain in our pets is, unfortunately, a more common occurrence than many realize. Dogs and cats naturally hide pain, which is the opposite of what we experience as humans. They are also masters at adapting to their circumstances. Therefore, subtle changes in behavior such as: getting to their feet more slowly, increased hesitancy to jump on or off of things, or even just laying around more could be the result of significant joint pain. Oral pain from progressing periodontal disease is extremely common in older pets and often leads to extreme pain. This pain often manifests itself as a pet that is “just slowing down” or “losing weight.” We are very sensitive to your pet’s comfort level whether in the hospital or at home. We will accurately assess your pet’s pain level and provide a comprehensive plan to help your pet be as pain-free as possible.

Digital X-Ray

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We have a digital x-ray unit that allows us to take the best images technology has to offer. This allows us the ability to accurately diagnose a plethora of conditions in your pet. We also work alongside a board-certified radiologist to provide a detailed report whenever needed. At Summer Creek Animal Clinic, your pet’s comfort is of paramount importance to us. This is why we do everything we can and utilize fear-free techniques and make taking x-rays as comfortable as possible. We use safe sedation when needed to ensure comfort during the process and to obtain the most diagnostic x-rays possible. We even have a digital dental x-ray unit that you can learn more about here.

Emergency and Critical Care

Veterinary Surgeon Treating Dog In Surgery
Our doctor has extensive experience in veterinary emergency and critical care and during our normal business hours we proudly offer emergency and critical care services for your pet. After hours we refer you to the Fort Worth Animal Emergency Hospital (make link to their web page) to provide you with the best 24-hour care 365 days a year.

End of Life Care

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It is difficult to watch our four-legged friends age. We are here to help provide the best quality of life possible and to counsel you and your family as you walk through the difficult decision of knowing when it is time to let them go. We provide compassionate end of life care for your pets and we are here for you.

Fear-Free Visits

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Perhaps the thing that sets us apart from all other veterinary clinics in Fort Worth is our passion and focus on making each and every visit for you and your pet as fear-free as possible. One of the most common complaints of pet owners such as yourself is, “It is really stressful to take my pet to the vet.” We understand this and are excited to provide you with a different way of doing things, a way that puts the emotional health of your pet as a top priority. We look forward to talking to you more about this and for you and your pet to experience the difference.

Behavior Consults

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We are passionate about the emotional health of your pet and the bond you have with them. Research shows us that the most common reason pets are relinquished to shelters is because of behavioral problems. We also know many pet owners struggle with pets that have a variety of behavioral issues including separation anxiety, urinating outside the litter box, and so much more. Often times there are medical conditions that need to be corrected. In other situations, a combination of appropriate medication and behavioral modification can provide immense improvement. We are here to thoroughly evaluate your pet, consult with you, and come up with a plan that is tailored to your pet’s diagnosis and needs.