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Exam and Consultations

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We pride ourselves at Summer Creek Animal Clinic in providing the most robust and thorough puppy and kitten visits for you and your new pet. One of the most critical steps after getting any new puppy or kitten is having a thorough physical exam to see if there are any undiagnosed birth defects or other problems that need to be addressed early in their growth. For example, an abnormal bite (mouth conformation) can cause significant issues if not addressed early in life. It is also incumbent upon us as your veterinary care provider to spend an adequate amount of time educating you and helping you get your new puppy or kitten started off on the right foot with proper nutrition, parasite prevention, oral care, disease prevention, treatment of congenital issues, breed-specific predispositions to certain diseases, prevention of behavior-related issues through proper socialization and conditioning, and much more.

Nutrition Counseling

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Getting your new puppy or kitten started off on the right nutrition is critically important. Pet nutrition is a hot topic these days, and we are here to answer any questions you have as well as guide you in making the right choice for your individual pet. You will find endless opinions online and throughout every pet store in Fort Worth, but we promise to give you recommendations based on the most current research and science. As a general rule, puppies and kittens should be on puppy and kitten food for at least the first year of their life. Larger and giant breed dogs may need to be on puppy food until they reach two years of age since they continue to grow even longer. When you bring your new puppy or kitten home, be sure to bring home some of the food they have already been eating so you can continue to feed them the same food for at least the first few days. Discuss with your veterinarian if a different diet would be more appropriate, and if so, transition slowly over at least a week by mixing the new and old food. Please call the clinic to schedule your first puppy or kitten to discuss nutrition for your pet in more detail.

Behavior Counseling

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We are passionate about the emotional health of your pet and the bond you have with them. Research shows us that the most common reason pets are relinquished to shelters is due to behavioral problems. We also know many pet owners struggle with pets that have a variety of behavioral issues including separation anxiety, urinating outside the litter box, and so much more. If we focus on preventing these issues while your pet is still young, this is the most successful way of avoiding these issues when they are older. We will help you develop a plan for preparing your puppy or kitten for adulthood through good socialization, classical conditioning (making everyday experiences positive from the start), and much more. Please see our puppy and kitten wellness plans on our Preventive Care Club page.

Puppy/Kitten Socialization Classes

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The most common reason why dogs and cats are relinquished to shelters is behavioral issues. At Summer Creek Animal Clinic, we are passionate about preventing problem behaviors. The best way to accomplish this is to start young. Puppy and kitten socialization classes are one way we try to do this. They are weekly classes over four weeks where your puppy or kitten can interact with other puppies and kittens of a similar age and learn positive behaviors and receive positive exposure to animals and new experiences outside the home in a controlled environment. Availability of these classes will depend on the number of puppies and kittens available during any given four-week period. Please call the clinic for more details about requirements for attendance and whether socialization classes are currently being offered. When offered, Preventive Care Club members receive a 20% discount off the four-week package.

Pet Microchipping

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We have a microchip scanner that can determine if your pet has been previously chipped, and we can also safely and painlessly provide a microchip implantation during most visits. Through fear-free techniques, such as distracting with lots of tasty treats and utilizing a gel that numbs the skin, sedation will most likely not be needed. However, microchipping can also be performed while under anesthesia for your pet’s surgical sterilization procedure to ensure a pain-free and stress-free administration. The most important benefit of having your pet microchipped is that they can easily be traced back to you by scanning for the microchip, which is the first thing all shelters and veterinary offices do when a lost pet comes in. See below regarding the benefits of microchipping your pet at Summer Creek Animal Clinic. As an added bonus for being part of our Preventive Care Club, you will receive 20% off the microchipping cost of your pet.

  • The National Pet Recovery Database is free for life after placement of the microchip. Just ensure your information is current.
  • After the first free year of HomeAgain membership, you may pay annually to continue receiving great benefits such as:
  • 24/7 phone support from HomeAgain’s Lost Specialists.
  • Rapid lost pet alerts and personalized lost pet posters on mobile devices.
  • 24/7 poison control hotline service ($65 value).
  • Found pet travel assistance.