Nutrition Matters

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Nutrition Consultation

Beautiful tabby cat sitting next to a food bowl, placed on the floor next to the living room window, and eating. Selective focus
Pet nutrition is a hot topic these days, and we are here to answer any questions that you may have and guide you in making the right choices for your individual pet. You will receive endless opinions online and throughout every pet store, but we promise to give you recommendations based on the most current research and science. There are currently many therapeutic diets that allow us to manage and sometimes even prevent a variety of diseases and conditions including obesity, bladder stones, arthritis, gum disease, heart disease, and even environmental skin allergies. When conditions can be managed or prevented through good nutrition, we believe that this is the best place to start, and we are excited to talk to you about this option for your pet. Please call the clinic to schedule an appointment.

Weight Optimization Counseling

white fat english bulldog standing on green grass and drink water in stainless steel bowl at the park
It would not be an exaggeration to answer the question, “What is the single best thing I can do for the long-term health of my pet?” with “Keep them at a healthy, lean body weight their entire life.” Of course, there are many other valid answers for that question, but weight optimization may be the best. The recent Purina Lifetime Study demonstrated that dogs fed to a lean body weight lived on average 1.8 years longer than those that were overweight. The study also indicated that dogs fed to a leaner body weight showed signs of aging slower including greying of the muzzle, impaired gait, and activity levels. In our day, the obesity epidemic extends beyond just us, but it is also an issue with our pets. In light of this, many people now see an overweight or obese dog and often think that this is normal because it is what they are used to seeing in humans. On the other hand, dogs and cats that are at a healthy weight are often thought to be underweight by the general public. In light of all of this, at Summer Creek Animal Clinic, we are passionate about helping you get your pet to a healthy weight and keeping him or her there through our weight optimization counseling. We have new and effective tools at our disposal to help your pet achieve top-notch nutrition. Please call us to schedule an appointment, and ask us about our prescription diets that can actually help increase the metabolism of your pet through stellar nutrition!

Joint Health

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There is much to be said about the prevention and treatment of joint disease in our pets. One of the most useful tools that we have at our disposal is superior nutrition. Two of the most important actions that you can take for a pet that is predisposed to, or has signs of, early arthritis is getting or keep them lean, and feed them a diet specifically formulated for joint health. At Summer Creek Animal Clinic, we prefer to treat poor joint health through nutrition whenever possible or at least include nutrition in the treatment plan. This is very true when it comes to joint disease. Research indicates that joint supplementation is best achieved through the diet. We have excellent prescription joint-health diets available to us that may be of great benefit to your dog or cat. Please call to schedule an appointment to further discuss excellent nutrition.

Therapy Through Nutrition

Pet eating food. Dog eats food from bowl
In our day, there seems to be more and more of a focus on good nutrition. This is true for both people and our pets. At Summer Creek Animal Clinic, we are passionate about nutrition, and we want to help you provide the best possible nutrition for your individual pet. The advent of therapeutic prescription diets in the 1990’s, starting with diets specifically formulated for kidney disease, has changed the way we practice veterinary medicine in many ways. In 2018, we now have many dozens of therapeutic prescription diets that help us manage and treat a variety of diseases including joint disease, obesity, bladder stones, food allergies, environmental skin allergies, preventing plaque and tartar buildup, dealing with intestinal issues, heart disease, dementia-like problems in dogs, and even managing overactive thyroid glands in cats. Please call to schedule an appointment to discuss if a therapeutic diet might be right for your pet.