Only AAHA and Fear Free certified practice in Fort Worth.

Their eyes, our vision.

How we do it

How can we make every experience they have as positive as possible? How can we be more thorough in addressing the biological and psychological needs of your dog or cat? How can we push ourselves to truly advance the veterinary field’s capabilities? How do we strengthen and protect the bond between you and your pet?

When you begin to question basic assumptions, you find yourself thinking differently. More creatively. More effectively. For example, we believe phenomenal communication must be the foundation of our relationship with you. We will articulate what’s important, what our goals are, and make sure you truly understand what’s going on, and whether or not you have any concerns. We also believe in transparency – you will always know what we’re doing and what any associated costs are. We believe this should feel like an immensely positive relationship, like a weight has been lifted from your shoulders. Because you have found a team that truly gets it, and truly cares.

Cute little husky puppy isolated on white background
Cute baby tabby kitten isolated on white background

Why walk on over?

As many of us can testify, our puppy dogs are more than dogs, they are family. We brought our two chihuahua girls, Kizzi and Bella to see Dr. McCorkle. Both girls had major problems with their teeth. Dr. McCorkle gave them expert care. Major work had to be done and with his expertise, they both recovered with no complications. Dr. McCorkle is a very kind and compassionate doctor and we are so grateful for his surgical skills and talents.

Jon & Janice Butcher

Our dog, Peggy, has been seeing Dr. McCorkle for almost three years now. When we adopted her there were a lot of unknowns to us due to her complicated history and us being first-time dog owners. Dr. McCorkle has taken the time to get to know our dog and explain all of our options in a clear way. He always takes the time to listen, educates us, and give an honest overview and suggestion for treatment and management of her health issues. What sets Dr. McCorkle apart is his compassion for the animals and passion for creating a fear-free environment which sets me and my pet at ease and always looking forward to our next visit. I can’t imagine taking Peggy to anyone else!

Daniel and Noelle Frantz

We have been so happy with the care Dr. McCorkle has given to our dog, Dakota. He’s thorough and takes the time explain all your treatment options. Best of all, our dog loves him and he loves our dog!!

Lori Gutierrez